Frequently Asked Questions

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If you do not find your question here, you can email it to us at [email protected].

In order to provide you with an accurate price, payment schedules, and discount information, we need to understand your use case.

You will need to complete the Request a Demo form and one of our account executives will be in contact shortly. Our account executive will be able to provide you with a quote and how to get started.

We need to understand your use case, provide you with a quote and how to get started. With a meeting we will be able to have a better insight into your business and recommend the right package for you.

Our pricing includes the full package: Onboarding, Automations, Dashboards, Reports, Free Training, 24/7 Email & Telephone Support, New Features & Updates.

According to recent research, about 91% of data breaches started with spear-phishing attacks. Cybercriminals are constantly trying everything they can to get to what they want. A lot of companies have invested heavily in security systems to safeguard and protect their information assets. It is time to invest in your employees who you rely on to work and protect these assets. Hackers will next attempt to attack your employees if all other avenues fail. Equip your employees with the right knowledge to be able to identify the crafty ways of hackers. Cybercriminals will only succeed if you are not prepared. No one is immune to cyberattacks.

PhishKing works simultaneously on personal computers, smartphones, and tablets within the email clients.

All your employees or a segment of your employees. Our account executive will take you through several models of supporting your employees.

Yes. All your employees' details are encrypted in transit and at rest. We also provide you with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by default to further protect your account. Any data you provide to PhishKing remains yours. You may export or permanently delete at any time.