About Us

ABOUT PhishKing

A simple yet effective software to help quickly reduce your susceptibility to phishing attacks. 

PhishKing was created because we recognised the ongoing need for security training and awareness that was far more intuitive, targeted, and far less of a tickbox operation. PhishKing enables you to create customised and targeted Phishing training programmes for your employees, that actually lead to changed behaviour. Not only are you able to obtain live analytics on any phishing campaigns sent out, but you can equally engage your employees in a fun and interactive manner, using our gamified options. Leave uninspiring and dull Security Training in the past and choose PhishKing as your preferred partner for security awareness training management.
  • Integrates easily with all email platforms
  • Introduces competition and improves engagement through gamification
  • Understands employee attitudes and behaviour so you can work to change them 
  • Benefits from live analysis of phishing campaigns you send out
  • Achieves genuine reduction in your exposure to real phishing attacks
  • Uses Security Software built by Security Experts

An innovative solution that addresses today's real cybersecurity problems. 

The team at PhishKing aims to change the way security awareness is implemented. We set out to make security software that impacts and helps change behaviour.

Our vision is to improve security awareness and offer realtime insight into the behaviors of staff